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Re: 3.1.5 still to come?

On Tuesday 10 of February 2004 21:32, Nick Boyce wrote:
> I don't use anything unusual : Koffice, Kdevelop, Quanta, Gimp,
> Kmail, Kgpg, Kbear, Kopete, Konq, Kscd, .... kdegames :-)

From this list I use on regular basis KMail (a lot!), KOffice 
(sometimes -- most of my writing is in LyX), Gimp (well, does it 
anything common with KDE?), Konqueror, Kscd (haven't played any 
new CD, so no test of FreeDB dialog yet).

> On 3.1.4, Koffice 1.2.1 is a little flaky,

Mind you -- KOffice is not part of KDE itself and there has not 
been released packages for Debian/woody yet (hello? Ralph?).

> Kbear is weird, and 

I don't use it.

> Kscd crashes on the Freedb dialog (as I noted here a few days
> ago), but everything else is solid [well ... lets not mention
> Noatun :-)]

Well, noatun :-(. Part of new KDE 3.2 is a new multimedia player 
juk, but I haven't tested it yet.

> Haven't tried Aegypten.

These are OpenPGP modules for KMail -- you have to download them 
with /etc/apt/sources.list line

	deb http://www.opensides.be/debian woody main

> Thanks for the 3.2 feedback - that's the kind of success story
> I want to hear :)

You're welcome.


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