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Semi-Official KDE 3.2 Sid packages, pull-down menus & Fitts' Law

Hi Chris Cheney.

First, I do appreciate all the hard work you have been putting into KDE 3.2 
lately.  I have one minor gripe with the new "semi-official" KDE 3.2 
packages.  I like to have my pull-down menus set up Mac style - on the top of 
the screen instead of the top of the window.  Unfortunately, I lose the 
benefit of doing that in KDE 3.2.  Ideally, you should be able to snap your 
mouse to the edge of the screen to click the menus, which according to Fitts' 
Law is much faster.  Nope, here, you have to click two or three pixels away 
from the top edge of the screen to activate the menus.

This is a known issue, and upstream already knows how to fix it.  It seems 
this is a bug in Qt, and there is a patch available to fix it buried in KDE's 
CVS source copy of Qt.  I think that the new version of Qt may have this fix 
as well.

I request that this fix be implemented in the Debian KDE & Qt packages.



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