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Re: 3.1.5 still to come?

On Monday 09 of February 2004 17:56, Nick Boyce wrote:
> issues with 3.2 on Woody (Kmail 1.6 bugs, packaging faults,
> cosmetic issues, "could not start kdeinit", etc.).
> I'd like to join the collective shakedown effort (and play with
> all the new geegaws), but just don't have the time right now -
> I must contain myself and wait a while.

Of course, no one can tell exactly without knowing what exactly 
you use, but for me KDE 3.2 works pretty well (and yes, I use 
KMail with Ägypten for all my emailing). Sure, it is .0 version, 
but it is certainly not the beta version, if you know what I 



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