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Re: 3.1.5 still to come?

On Monday 09 Feb 2004 10:16 am, Chris Cheney wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 09, 2004 at 09:00:55AM +0100, Adrian von Bidder wrote:
> > On Monday 09 February 2004 02.22, Nick Boyce wrote:
> > > On Sunday 08 Feb 2004 11:49 pm, Andreas Goesele wrote:
> > > > Is 3.1.5 still to come or are we supposed to go directly to
> > > > 3.2?
> > > I'd be quite interested in that answer.
> > A quick 'apt-cache policy <some kde package>' shows that 3.1.5
> > packages are in> unstable.
> They seem to be referring to the woody backport debs at kde.org. As
> to the answer I don't know what Ralf is planning...

Yep, it's Woody debs we're after.  In case anyone wants to suggest we 
just go for 3.2 instead, _my_ stance on this is simply that 3.1.4 is 
rock-solid on my machines, and only lacks the VCF security fix :
whereas people are currently reporting a number of more or less painful 
issues with 3.2 on Woody (Kmail 1.6 bugs, packaging faults, cosmetic 
issues, "could not start kdeinit", etc.).

I'd like to join the collective shakedown effort (and play with all the 
new geegaws), but just don't have the time right now - I must contain 
myself and wait a while.

If all this is now solved, could some kind person post a Woody-KDE 
state-of-the-nation please ?

Nick Boyce
Bristol, UK

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