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Re: Could not start kdeinit. Check your installation.

> When I start KDE I see an error message
> "Could not start kdeinit. Check your installation."
> I searched the mailing lists, and saw this problem before
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-kde/2003/debian-kde-200310/msg00150.html
> It was supposed to be fixed in xrender (0.8.3-2), but I have
> libxrender1 (0.8.3-5) installed. Is this the same xrender problem,
> or a different bug?
> I started seeing this when I upgraded to
> http://download.kde.org/stable/3.2/Debian
> Please cc me in your reply.
> Thanks,
> Shaun

Check your ~/.xsession-error after that message appears for 'undefined
function' / 'reloaction error' or something similar. I had problems
with FT_Stream_Seek/ FT_Seek_Stream since i used a mozilla backport
for woody which installed a newer libfreetype6 so i had to purge
mozilla and these libs before getting KDE started.



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