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Re: Could not start kdeinit. Check your installation.

On Saturday 07 of February 2004 12:55, Marcel Meckel wrote:
> Check your ~/.xsession-error after that message appears for
> 'undefined function' / 'reloaction error' or something similar.
> I had problems with FT_Stream_Seek/ FT_Seek_Stream since i used
> a mozilla backport for woody which installed a newer
> libfreetype6 so i had to purge mozilla and these libs before
> getting KDE started. 

And yes, I have this in my .xsession-errors:

	startkde: Starting up...
	kdeinit: relocation error: /usr/lib/libqt-mt.so.3: undefined \
		symbol: FT_Seek_Stream
	startkde: Could not start kdeinit. Check your installation.

However, I have here libfreetype6 2.0.9-1 which is IMHO what is 
in the original Debian/woody (http://packages.debian.org/stable/

Could it be the mistake on part of download.kde.org packages 
using some more advanced libfreetype6? How can I find what I 
need to upgrade?



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