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Re: How to change order of folders in folderlist of kmail?

On Thursday 05 of February 2004 03:39, Antiphon wrote:
> On Thursday, February 5, 2004 3:34 am, Matej Cepl wrote:
> > I am now very happily using kmail 1.6 (dimap is sooooooooo
> > cooooool!), but there are some small issues which I would
> > like to resolve. One of them is very strange order of folders
> > in the narrow tree on the left side of the kmail window (see
> > attached).
> >
> > Especially, INBOX in Local mails on the bottom of the list
> > makes me very unhappy. Is there any way how to change it
> > (including editing a configuration file -- which one),
> > please? 
> Just press the Folder sort widget above the icons. It will put
> inbox on top that way.

Well, I may not be so silly as I thought when I got this answer.

What I would like to accomplish is:
	a) DIMAP account on top and Lokální složky (Local folders) below
	b) In both accounts Došlá pošta (INBOX) and other standard
	    folders on top and other folders below.

In order to do that I renamed my DIMAP from "NEU IMAP" to "IMAP 
na NEU" so that it should be alphabetically before both Lokální 
and Local (I am not sure whether kmail uses i18ned or original 
name of account). However, when I tried to sort it (with a 
button on top), I got really strange result 
(folderlist-after.png) -- folders in accounts are ordered in 
reverse to account name themselves?!

What can I do to get the result I want?



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