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Re: sound in KDE debian ppc

Quoth Daniel Alonso <daniel@grupomt.com>:
> hi !!!


> I had installed the Debian sid in a iMac 500 Mhz.... everything works fine... 
> except the sound...
> I have sound in the console ( tty ) thanks to "modprobe dmasound_pmac"... but 
> when i try to init the artsd, an error message shows....
> "error while initializing the sound driver
> SNDCTL_DSP_SETFTM failed - invalid argument.
> "

Same situation here with my iBook.

> Can u help me please ??? I don't know where else I can search...

Are you using kernel 2.6? artsd worked fine for me with 2.4 but failed
when I upgraded to 2.6.

Bye, Michael

Debuggers don't remove bugs, they only show them in slow-motion.

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