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Re: KDE and root login

On Monday 27 October 2003 12:47, Dieter Wilkens wrote:

Hi Dieter,

> Just installed debian 3.0 with X-Server. after a reboot the system comes up
> with the GNOME Desktop Manager and I try to chose 'KDE' as session and
> wan't to login with my root account.
> The GNOME Desktop Manager tells ma that root is not allowed to login from
> that screen. Does anyone know where to give root the right to login with
> the GNOME Desktop Manager ?

Run 'gdmsetup' (as root), go to the 'Security' tab and check the 

  (X)  'Allow root to login with GDM' 

checkbox. That should be all you have to do.

[Standard placeholder for the usual 'don't run X as root' remarks. Really, 
don't do it].


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