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[info] kmyfirewall binary-i386 Package For Woody Available

[ Further to my post to this list on 13th.Oct.2003
when I reported that the binary kmyfirewall package Paul Cupis had
pointed me to (at http://es.kde.org/dists/stable/main/binary-i386/)
turned out to be uninstallable on Woody due to an incompatible libc6
version ... ]

I was pleased to discover today that the folks who run the es.kde.org
site appear to have updated the kmyfirewall binary (the package now
has a date of 16th.Oct.2003), and it installs on Woody without problem
- and so far appears to run properly.

AFAICT, the new binary has a dependency of simply "libc6-2.2.5", which
I guess covers all versions of libc6 since the release of Woody.

The full package URL is

My thanks to the es.kde.org people, whoever they are :)

Nick Boyce
Bristol, UK
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