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Re: konqueror/desktop user settings

There is no smart way :)
We are working on similar stuff here with our Thin Client server stuff here, 
but the problem is that their are lots of settings in .kde which have the 
complete paths embedded..

IE when you set up, you can set a user to have defautl email addresses and the 
like.. One day this should be a project 

Currently we have a bunch of scripts which update all the users home 
directories..  and the configuration files inside of .kde, and a bunch of 
sedding needs to be done..

You can do this with a default template, but once you customize, trying to do 
a cp -a and chmod aren't going to work anymore..

We should have some kind of way to register individuals user settings better..
Each app that stores information in .kde should use path variables at least..
We still aren't really sure of a better way to deal with this, but globally 
updating users is a pain the way things stand now..  Maybe the template 
concept needs to be escalated, so that you can have certain settings in .kde 
that can't be overridden...  If all users say had country/language set by the 
template user, then only the template user should have to be changed.
This way you could also lock down things like background settings, clock 
settings etc.. and save a lot of administration headaches..

Like when users loose their file associations, or when you want to lock down 
java settings, et al.  Currently no real way to restore a persons settings 
unless you take .kde from backup, or reset them up from scratch.

We're trying to use the template user approach here, and create the .kde 
directories as much as possible to the template user's settings, which they 
don't have permission to change. Then you can log into template, and update 
everyone's background at the same time, or change everyone's proxy settings 
in konqueror etc..

On October 25, 2003 09:26 pm, Gabriele Persia wrote:
> Hello,
> is there a "smart" way of cloning desktop settings ?
> I have to create 4 users accounts and there are a few settings I would like
> to share among them.

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