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Re: kde widgets in qt3-designer

On Thu, Oct 16, 2003 at 12:04:25AM +0200, Viktor Rosenfeld wrote:
> Hi,
> [could you please cc: me, as I'm not subscribed.  thanks]
> I remember that in the days of kde2 there was a package kde-designer,
> that was basically a qt-designer with the definition for kde widgets
> already loaded.  Now, on my Debian sid system there's only qt3-designer,
> but that only has the standard qt widgets loaded.
> While I could create custom widget definition files using create cw, I'm
> wondering if there's a package with those already in Debian or if I can
> download the .cw-files seperately.

This will hopefully be fixed when I upload kdebase 3.1.4. The problem is
(as I understand it anyway) that kdebase causes the qtrc file to be
written incorrectly and so qt can't find the kdewidgets.so file. As a
workaround if you symlink your kdewidgets.so file into the qt plugins
dir it will work.


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