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Re: Some symbols can't not be shown under KDE 3.1.4 and CVS Head.

On Sunday 12 October 2003 17:44, Josep Febrer wrote:
> > > The screenshot was taken in the current sid, dist-upgraded few hours
> > > ago.
> >
> > Here is my snapshot of your konqueror next my konqueror displaying the
> > same thing. Not only does my Konqueror display the accented characters
> > correctly without LD_BIND_NOW it also displays the quotes correctly. This
> > bug is very strange. :\
> I don't have any problems with "typographics quotes" on Konqueror:
> http://www.idomenorca.com/~josep/imatges/konq.jpg
> I also use sid, XFree 4.3 from experimental and KDE 3.1.4 from
> KDE_3_1_BRANCH, and to me Qt 3.2 is a lot better with fonts than 3.1.

Can you show me your locales? I see the same problem in one desktop and two 
laptops, one with es_ES@euro locales (tried also "C") and the other with 
ca_ES@euro. The three with xfree 4.3 from experimental.

Perhaps you use UTF8 too? Did you try msttcorefonts (Arial...)?

Do you use defoma? Could you show me you fonts paths?

Thank you.

  ricardo galli

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