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Some symbols can't not be shown under KDE 3.1.4 and CVS Head.

	Since my box is filled with all kinds of versions of KDE, it is not very 
convenient to file it via debain bug report tools. I decided to write it 
through the mailing list, hope it won't make everyone unconvenient.

	While viewing this page with konqueror: 
 	You can see Karma's become Karma? instead. Also, " 2.7"x3.0"x0.9" " becomes 
" 2.7” X 3.0” X 0.9”". I had tried using Kate view the source of page, 
however, KDE still can't show ' or " . Evenmore, I tended using qtconfig to 
correct this problem but failed. 
	 I have installed two version of CVS head in my computer, Alpha2 
CVS>=20030921 via kontruct and CVS>=20031007 via orth's debian packages 
 at http://opendoorsoftware.com/cgi/http.pl?p=kdecvs. 
 	The previous one which is built from konstruct with QT STL and Tablet 
options enable has no problem with symbol rendering. 
 The other one is build directly through dpkg-buildpackage in my guess. 
 	I have no idea if this is CVS>=20031007's problem or something wrong with 
Debian package rules. 
 	However, this problem never existed until Qt 3.2 entered my box with KDE 
3.1.3, which means, Qt3.1 + KDE 3.1.3 works very fine with me. 
	 Even with kdelibs 3.1.4 + Qt 3.2 on Debian, the problem is still remained. I 
had filed the bug report to Debian Qt maintainers few months ago
(http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=208718), and some one 
 suggested me it would be kdelibs' problem. 
	 I don't have fast machine to do all these tests since it will take me couple 
of weeks to compile KDE with all kinds of options in order to find out where 
the mistake is, I would like to ask dear Debian developers to help me check 
it out.

	This bug is also filed to http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=65842, because 
I have no idea which part goes wrong.

Sincerely yours

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