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Re: Does KDE really support XRender?

On Sunday 12 October 2003 13:49, Cameron Patrick wrote:

> The initial rendering or the redrawing of a window does involve both the
> WM and the app redrawing their respective bits of the window.  Can you
> suggest a way of doing things such that this /isn't/ the case?  To the

From the start I have found the concept of a window manager weird. It's like a 
crippled gui tool kit plugin. Cripled because it can only handle window 
One way to avoid having to do full redraw of revieled - (is that spelled 
correctly btw? I was amazed not being able to find it in my dictionary. :)
- areas would be to always have all windows fully rendered and buffered. When 
you move a window you would then blit the window to the new position and the 
revieled areas would be blitted from the buffer.
Check out photon gui for qnx.

> Hmm.  I have a friend that uses Mathematica with ssh forwarding and
> compression from Uni to his 256/64 DSL line.  While I haven't seen it
> myself, he implied that it worked tolerably quickly.

I couldn't even start it up..

> That works the same way remotely as locally.  But it wouldn't surprise
> me if X's colour map handling sucks... :-)

If you cover an IDL visualisation window, the contents are not redrawn. You 
just get a black window. Though you could say that this is just IDLs fault, I 
would argue that it really should be the guis job to handle window refreshes.

Other than that you raise some valid points.


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