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Re: Does KDE really support XRender?

On Sun, Oct 12, 2003 at 02:37:04PM +0200, Hendrik Sattler wrote:

| What I sometimes see is a mouse cursor that cannot decide at which point it 
| wants to be. It jumps around by one or two pixels. While seeing this, the 
| mouse is not moved. Although the drawing may be done in hardware, the 
| positioning of the cursor is done by X. And this positioning is not fully 
| optimal sometimes.

Fair enough.  I've never seen this kind of thing happen, though.

| The rant may be correct but X and linux are not free from that either. Just 
| look at the mess to install a font or correct keyboard layout for console and 
| X. Worst case is having to configure everything at least twice.
| Can it be that hard to simply say which keyboard to use for the whole system? 

I have no experience with the keyboard layout handling and wasn't aware
that it was a problem.  (I suppose using a US keyboard layout has its
advantages...)  I agree that X's font handling is yucky, but at least
people seem to be moving in the right direction with fontconfig and the

| You see: X already does many things itself, so don't blame other projects for 
| doing the same.

I'm not saying that X is blameless, I'm just saying that its not solely
to fault.  Again, I wasn't aware of the problems with UTF-8 locales
having never really attempted to use one.

| > People would think it ludicrous if GTK and Qt apps had different borders
| > and title bars because window management was handled on a
| > per-application basis.  Handling of menus and buttons and other widgets
| > needs to be abstracted out too.
| There wouldn't be the need for such things if there was something else than 
| the ancient looking thing that X provides.

Not quite sure what you're referring to here.  You mean Xaw? the concept
of a window manager? X in general?


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