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Re: Spam because of this list

On Monday 06 October 2003 09:19, Antiphon wrote:

> It is bad practice that the Debian listservs do not munge addresses. I
> realise that munging may not be implemented because people like to be able
> to respond to old threads privately but simply providing a mechanism as
> simple as spelling out domain suffixes and removing at signs would do the
> job nicely.

I disagree with this idea and I don't want the addresses munged. It is very 
useful being able to reply to someone and I will just hit reply to reply to 
someone. If the mail bounces I won't waste any more time contacting them. 
Overall not one list that I am on munges email addresses and when people do 
it to their own addresses they often end up getting no help at all. I see 
that on the python and zope lists a fair bit.

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