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Re: Spam because of this list

A Dilluns 06 Octubre 2003 10:15, Antiphon va escriure:
> I use a free pop email service and am finding that this address is
> continually bombarded by swen virus spam because the debian servers do not
> munge addresses.

Try this,


maybe it can help you.

> Is this going to be implemented anytime soon? My pop server only has a 6mb
> limit and since I leave messages on the server for pseudo-IMAP efficiency,
> I have to periodically go into the Web version and delete the spams,
> otherwise my account gets disabled. Lately, I've had to do it at  least
> once a day. I don't have the time to go and do this so often so
> occasionally my account gets disabled.
> For the other lists that I participate in, I have received no spam because
> the addresses are properly munged.

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