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Big trouble with libqt3

hi users of great OS,

I have really screwed my KDE and would really appreciate any idea how to
fix it.
Basically, I somehow screwed up KDE, couldn't fix it and simply
de-installed everything. then, I wanted to re-install KDE.
But there seems to be a problem:

Some KDE packages depend on libqt3-mt and some depend on libqt3c102-mt,
but these two packages conflict; e.g. kdelibs-bin 3.1.4 depends on libqt3c102-mt, but kate 3.1.4 depends on libqt3-mt.

How can I solve this puzzle? I can't use any KDE-app right now (including kdm, which is highly annoying). Which version of QT do I use? Or can I trick my system into thinking they're both installed (AFAIK, libqt3c102-mt is the same as libqt3-mt, only a newer version).

I am using 'unstable' sources to get KDE 3.1.3/4.

thanks in advance...

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