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kdm-autologin and PATH

Hello everybody,
I'm using the autologin function of kdm. But when I want to start a 
program that I have compiled locally I have to supply the full path 
(e.g. in K|Run command (I'm using the german l18n so I'm not sure 
what's the english name of the K-Menu entry where I can enter command 
names)). It seems that the /usr/local/kde (where these programs are 
insalled) is not in the path. When I launch it from the bash (where I 
have added /usr/local/kde/bin to the path) everything works fine. 
Also when I login manually.
I have checked different files where I have added /usr/local/kde/bin 
to PATH variables (/etc/kde3/kdm/*, /etc/X11/*, kdm initscript), but 
nothing worked.

Can anyone tell me which file I have to modify to have 
/usr/local/kde/bin in the PATH?

I'm using Woody and KDE 3.1.4 (official).


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