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Re: Big trouble with libqt3

Am Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2003 12:29 schrieb Martin Braun:
> I have really screwed my KDE and would really appreciate any idea how to
> fix it.
> Basically, I somehow screwed up KDE, couldn't fix it and simply
> de-installed everything. then, I wanted to re-install KDE.
> But there seems to be a problem:
> Some KDE packages depend on libqt3-mt and some depend on libqt3c102-mt,
> but these two packages conflict; e.g. kdelibs-bin 3.1.4 depends on
> libqt3c102-mt, but kate 3.1.4 depends on libqt3-mt.

You probably mixed incompatible download sources in apt's sources.list. The 
package from debian unstable are all compiled again libqt3c102-mt.
BTW: the version of kate in debian unstable is 3.1.3:


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