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How to sync EMAIL with my PalmV.

Is it possible to set up KMail or Mozilla to receive my email from my PalmPilot? In my case, I'm stuck. It looks like KPilot allows importing from (a) POP3 download, (b) local Unix mbox in /var/mail/<userid>, and does not allow (a) reading of maildir (qmail/courier-imap), or (b) imap protocol. Since I use fetchmail, and have exim configured to deliver to maildir format in /home/<userid>/Maildir, and courier-imap set up to serve that using IMAP protocol, I can use whatever email client I like, as long as it supports IMAP, as well as remotely access my email folders when away from my home computer. This is in many ways ideal, since I can never seem to find an email client I'm happy with. This also seems to be a good way to get email/spam filters working, since fetchmail can invoke spam filtering software and connect to RBL.

Anyways, it looks like I'm Flat Out of Luck, as far as Email syncing to my PalmV goes. I have also tried gnome-pilot on debian, and while the version of Evolution 1.4+gpilotd in debian-sid works great for everything else, but it doesn't appear to have a working email conduit.
My configuration:
- debian-sid (recently distupgraded to kde 3.1.2)
- kpilot 3.1.3-1


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