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Re: How to sync EMAIL with my PalmV.

From: "Warren Postma" <warren.postma@sympatico.ca>

> Is it possible to set up KMail or Mozilla to receive my email from my
> PalmPilot?  In my case, I'm stuck.  It looks like KPilot allows
> importing from (a) POP3 download, (b) local Unix mbox in
> /var/mail/<userid>, and does not allow (a) reading of maildir
> (qmail/courier-imap), or (b) imap protocol.     Since I use fetchmail,
> and have exim configured to deliver to maildir format in
> /home/<userid>/Maildir, and courier-imap set up to serve that using IMAP
> protocol, I can use whatever email client I like, as long as it supports
> IMAP, as well as remotely access my email folders when away from my home
> computer. This is in many ways ideal, since I can never seem to find an
> email client I'm happy with.  This also seems to be a good way to get
> email/spam filters working, since fetchmail can invoke spam filtering
> software and connect to RBL.

You sound exactly like me.  The configuration is identical on the Linux system.

Two questions:

1) have you tried courier-pop?  It provides a POP3 interface to the maildirs -
though I presume you're restricted to using the top level folder.

2) fetchmail connecting to RBL?  Really?  That's OT for here, but I'd be
interested in knowing how you do that, off-list.  I have fetchmail proxying
through popfile, which does a good job of trapping spam, but it doesn't reject
it before download.

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