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Re: Again: Delays starting KDE apps after upgrade 3.1.3 => 3.1.4

On Thursday 18 September 2003 23:29, Doug Holland wrote:

> 2. /tmp/.ICE-unix/ missing or has wrong owner/group/permissions.  To fix,
> execute following commands as root.
> mkdir /tmp/.ICE-unix
> chown root.root /tmp/.ICE-unix
> chmod 1777 /tmp/.ICE-unix

In sid, this directory is created at user login with the users username and 
users group, but with the same permissions as stated.

I have tried creating these files as root in an init script which get executed 
on boot, and it doesn't make any difference in speed on my system. Not any 
that I can notice anyway.

But I can't complain about the speed in any case. It's as snappy as bulky old 
XFree86 gets.


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