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Re: KDE 3.1.2 Woody/i386 - Slower Than 3.1.1 ?

On Thursday 10 July 2003 22:34, tomas pospisek wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Jul 2003, Nick Boyce wrote:
> > This is just a tentative feeling, but ... I upgraded my KDE 3.1.1 for
> > Woody/i386 system to KDE 3.1.2 a couple of weeks ago (using the
> > download.kde.org packages), and instead of getting a slightly "zippier"
> > system as I'd hoped, I've decided it all actually feels a little slower
> > and more ... sluggish ?
> >
> > [This is on my AMD K6 500MHz with 256 Mb RAM]
> >
> > Anyone else noticing a difference, either way ?
> Hmmm ... thinking of it ... my system is becoming more and more sluggish
> allthough I'm mailny running konsole/bash/commanline... [1].

Could it be that all of you upgraded to a newer kernel? 

I'm asking because I had severe performance problems after upgrading from 
2.4.18-pre9-mjc2[1] to 2.4.21-ck3[2]. When compiling something in the 
background I could hardly type in oowriter anymore. I then read the 
2.4.22-pre3 Changelog and saw the comment "We should have increased 
interactivity under heavy IO (users with interactivity problems please test 
and report results).", so recent kernels seem to have problems in that area.


[1]: One of the patch collections from Michael Cohen, containing lots of 
"performance" patches, like O(1), preempt, lock-break and others.

[2]:http://members.optusnet.com.au/ckolivas/kernel/ (with similar performance 
patches and grsec)  

Yven Johannes Leist - leist@beldesign.de

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