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Re: Using mutt + kmail

Am Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2003 16:51 schrieb Jens Benecke:
> I like KMail for its GUI. I use mutt primarily (because I often read mail
> remotely via SSH), but I'd like to use KMail when working locally. I
> realize I'd have to
> - let KMail recreate its index files each time it starts up,
> - accept that KMail apparently cannot handle PGP/MIME correctly yet,
> Anything else? I use mbox files and I don't plan on changing this (with my
> mail volume, maildir is about 10x as slow when using mutt...)

PGP/MIME should work fine with openPGP plugin.
For the index files, a startup wrapper might be sufficient.

Actually, your usage would point to an IMAP server but both apps are no fun 
with IMAP, yet. But don't you already know that? ;)



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