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Re: Using mutt + kmail

On Thursday 26 June 2003 16:51, Jens Benecke wrote:

> - accept that KMail apparently cannot handle PGP/MIME correctly yet,

No problem with that, although it needs a bit tinkering to set up. You'll have 
to use google, there is a quite good web page on how to compile the things. 
The thing the web page doesn't say:  Just be sure to compile the relevant 
component (newpg, perhaps? I don't remember) without thread support. Also, 
with some qt versions (or was it just the state of sid at some point?), 
pinentry-qt didn't work, so I'm using pinentry-gtk here.

(Oh, and there's the odd bug in kmail where valid signatures don't verify 
properly, but perhaps kmail 3.1.2 changed that.)

(BTW: anything wrong with the Debian listserver? I get hardly any mail on the 
Debian mailing lists)

-- vbi

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