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Re: Sound in KDE

Dnia czw 26. czerwca 2003 16:11, Tomàs Núñez Lirola napisał:

> I configured the sound card (a SiS7012) on my Debian box. When I log on my
> KDE everything seems right (I hear the music welcoming me to KDE, sounds
> when I open or close a window...), but when I try to use some non-KDE soft,
> it does not works. I mean, I can hear music with noatun, but I can't with
> XMMS, and I can't with mpg123, because they say they can't open sound
> device:

You should configure arts (in KDE Control Center) to use /dev/dsp1. It will 
make /dev/dsp (default sound device) free and keep KDE sounds.

APT: deb http://www.hrw.one.pl/apt/ sid/

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