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Re: Sound in KDE

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Hi Tomas

On Thursday 26 June 2003 16:11, Tomàs Núñez Lirola wrote:
>  Hi
>  I configured the sound card (a SiS7012) on my Debian box. When I log on my
> KDE everything seems right (I hear the music welcoming me to KDE, sounds
> when I open or close a window...), but when I try to use some non-KDE soft,
> it does not works. I mean, I can hear music with noatun, but I can't with
> XMMS, and I can't with mpg123, because they say they can't open sound
> device

Ok, I've had the same problems - the answer is quite simple. KDE starts its 
own sound daemon artsd (sorry - i don't know if its part of the kde-project 
but it gets started....), which then blocks the dsp-file. there are possible 
workarounds - for xmms there exists an artsd-plugin. i dont us it because it 
performs bad on my system (when i play mp3, i can't do anything else without 
interrupting the mp3-playback). so i kill artsd (it comes back up if needed, 
for instance for notification-sounds of kmail...).

the easiest way: 
   lsof | grep dsp 
   kill <pid>

lsof lists all open files and who uses them - we grep for dsp and get the pid 
for artsd, which we then kill.
of course you can also go via ps -ef | grep arts with no problems.
playback with non-kde-apps should then work fine.

maybe you want to install the following debian-packages: lsof, xmmsarts

hope this helps...

have a nice day,

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