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Re: KDE3 in woody, powerpc arch

I'm crossposting in debian-kde, because maybe there, someone knows what is 

El Martes, 24 de Junio de 2003 14:34, Curtis Vaughan escribió:
> I have already added the line to my sources.list file, but there is no
> libqt3-mt that is >= 3.1.2, which is required according to other kde3
> files. I've looked over the site and also don't see it.

I'm very confused. I don't see it here:
(I think it must be in pool/main/q/qt-copy/ )

... but I have it installed:
ii  libqt3-mt                     3.1.2-0woody1                 Qt GUI Library 

... and when kde 3.1.2 was released, I used the line pointed in 
kde.org/download to upgrade my kde. I don't understand why now is 

Looking in the spanish mirror, I don't see it neither. :-(

I hope someone else had an answer, cause I don't understand what is happening. 
Maybe the release of 3.1.3 is causing some movement in repositories.

Best regards.

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