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Re: Gnome2.2 backport for Debian Woody

Henrik Skantz wrote:
After installing gnome 2.2
 (http://mirrors.evilgeniuses.org.uk/debian/backports/woody gnome2.2/)
Kde 3 apps doesnt look nice at all, they start but windows are very big (extreme!) and no fonts are showing (no text beside icons etc).
 Starting kde gives me a desktop with "_________________" instead of
text for the icons.


yesterday we suffered from the same problem after installing gnome2.2 on a previously KDE 3.1 (woody) system. Funnily we have two system which have installed both gnome and kde without having problems. Is there any evidence to which environmental properties the problem may be related? Sepecial font settings or what? The disabling of the .qt dirs has helped for the users, but what about kdm?

Any hint appreciated.

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