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Re: artsd on a laptop question

On Thu, 2003-06-19 at 16:30, Timothy Baldwin wrote:
> On Thursday 19 Jun 2003 1:38 pm, Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper wrote:
> > Now, I've started using artsd and what I see is that none of my
> > sound-using programs (i.e. xmms most noticeably) work when I resume
> > (whereas they did before I was using them with artsdsp).  When I resume
> > and press play in xmms, xmms hangs.  If I stop xmms and restart it, I
> > get the "device not found" error.  If I kill off xmms, then kill off
> > artsd, then restart artsd and xmms, all works wonderfully.  
> Did it work before if while you were playing something in XMMS?

yes.  I've even forgotten to stop xmms from playing a song before I
suspended and then noticed that when I resumed, xmms continued to play
the song.  (or maybe this is what you were asking?)  =:)

> > Also, if I
> > do an "artsshell suspend" in my apm suspend script and restart the sound
> > server on resume with "/usr/bin/artsd -F 10 -S 4096 -m artsmessage -l 3
> > -f&", the sound server does get restarted (as root this time), but xmms
> > is not able to connect to it immediately, nor is it able to connect to
> > it after I restart xmms--it eventually just locks up.
> You shouldn't restart artsd as you aren't terminating at, only suspending it, 
> it will automatically unsuspend. You should run "artsshell suspend" as the 
> user which is running artsd (use su), and if the "Exchange security and 
> reference info over the X11 server" option is set the DISPLAY variable will 
> need to be set.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, *ding* I think this makes sense.  Suspend doesn't shut
down the server, right?  It just disconnects it from /dev/dsp?  That
would make sense.  Before this light bulb went on (just now), I had made
a change to the way artsd is launched from kcontrol and told it to
auto-suspend if no sound was in use for 60 seconds.  I then commented
out my /etc/apm/{suspend,resume}*/* files and took out the suspend and
re-launch command and noticed that it works wonderfully now. 

And now that I think about it, what I was doing before all of this
nonsense was "killall artsd" (obviously not the right way), and then a
restart on resume.  And then when I changed "killall artsd" to
"artsshell suspend" in my suspend script, but still had the re-launch of
artsd in my resume script, I noticed that I then had 2 artsd processes
running after a resume.  Both of these incorrect methods resulted in
xmms being unusable until artsd (both of them with the second incorrect
method) was killed and restarted.


Silly me.  Sorry for the verbose message back to the list, but I'm
hoping someone in the future won't make the same silly mistake.

Thanks Tim!


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