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artsd on a laptop question

I run debian sid on an IBM Thinkpad A31 laptop.  I use kernel sound
(i810_audio) and it has worked wonderfully for me for quite a while.  My
usual modus operandi is that I suspend my laptop at work, take it home,
resume it and use it for the night, then suspend it the next morning and
take it to work, rinse, repeat....  The kernel sound module has had no
problem on its own with this behavior.  I don't have to rmmod the sound
module and re-insmod it on resume--it has always just worked (TM).  

Now, I've started using artsd and what I see is that none of my
sound-using programs (i.e. xmms most noticeably) work when I resume
(whereas they did before I was using them with artsdsp).  When I resume
and press play in xmms, xmms hangs.  If I stop xmms and restart it, I
get the "device not found" error.  If I kill off xmms, then kill off
artsd, then restart artsd and xmms, all works wonderfully.  Also, if I
do an "artsshell suspend" in my apm suspend script and restart the sound
server on resume with "/usr/bin/artsd -F 10 -S 4096 -m artsmessage -l 3
-f&", the sound server does get restarted (as root this time), but xmms
is not able to connect to it immediately, nor is it able to connect to
it after I restart xmms--it eventually just locks up.

Bottom line:  I can't figure out how to get artsd to automagically
handle an APM suspend and resume (i.e. so that I don't have to manually
kill off xmms and artsd and then restart them both).

Surely someone has solved this before me?  I'm a firm believer in not
re-inventing the wheel and all....



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