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Re: Strange problems with kmail and imap

On Thursday 19 June 2003 11:40 pm, Joerg Platte wrote:
> I've got some recent problems with the IMAP support in kmail (KMail: 1.5.2
> Debian/sid): Most of the time kmail isn't able to fetch new mails from the
> server but reads old mails without any problems. Restarting kmail seems to
> fix the problem for a few minutes...
> Has anybody encountered the same problem?

Maybe, although I've characterized it slightly differently and have a 
different workaround.  As long as I'm "in" a particular IMAP file, I can't 
get (or maybe can't see) new emails.  I work around the problem by switching 
to a different (small) IMAP file and back to the original, and then I can see 
the files.

There may be some sort of rational reason why things work this way, but it is 
somewhat disappointing.

Randy Kramer

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