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Re: kdm locale problem

duorastat, geassemánu 12. b. 2003 11.01, LeVA don čállet:
> Hi!
> Berre Gaup wrote:
>  > I have a .xsession file that goes something like this:
>  > #!/bin/sh
>  > export LANG=se_NO.UTF-8
>  > exec /usr/bin/startkde
> Thanks!. Now the programs read the locales, and select the hungarian
> files, but in all over kde, I lost my hungarian letters.
> In konsole I can not write "é" "á" "ű" characters, and in my Desktop
> these letters are just a little block.
> I inserted this to my .Xsession file:
> #!/bin/bash
> export LANG=hu_HU.ISO-8859-2
Try without the ISO ending, like this
export LANG=hu_HU

Logout and login again.

If you want your kde programs to use the hungarian translations whatever your 
locale is, then you can open kcontrol, Regional and Accessibility, 
County/Region and Language.
Choose Hungarian, and all KDE programs will have Hungarian translations no 
matter what :-)

Good luck, and I hope everything works as you want it to:-)


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