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Re: kdm locale problem

gaskavahkku, geassemánu 11. b. 2003 20.28, LeVA don čállet:
> If I start kde from kdm, I lose my localisation settings in kde. I am
> using hu_HU in locales. If I start kde from a console with startx,
> everything is Ok. But when I am starting kde from kdm, the programs that
> uses the translated .m4 or .po files, or just have some translated
> files, does not seems to be in hungarian language (ex.: xchat, licq).
> They are in english. In the kde control center, I can set up kdm to
> display the kdm buttons and messages (login, shutdown etc...) in
> hungarian. So that is ok. The problem is when I start kde from the kdm
> login manager, it seems, that kdm "resets" the localisations, and sets
> the lang to en, or en_US (or something like that). If I start a konsole
> from kde, and run this:
> echo $LANG
> I get "hu_HU".
> That is why I can not understand this problem. It seems, that I am using
> hu_HU locales, but the kde programs, and other (for
> example Xchat, or Licq) programs doesn't recognise the hu_HU locales,
> and falls back to english. And this is all because I started kde from
> the kdm login manager, and not from console with startx.
This is because, when starting from kdm, your ~/.profile (or where ever your 
environment variables are specified) aren't read.

I have a .xsession file that goes something like this:
export LANG=se_NO.UTF-8
exec /usr/bin/startkde

This way the LANG variable is inherited by all programs in the session.

Hope this helps.

Børre Gaup, Kiruna, Sweden

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