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kdm locale problem


I have a rather complicated problem with kdm, and I am from Hungary, but
I will try to be as clear as I can :)
Hope that someone could help me.

So, let's start.

Some background information:
I am using Debian with woody (stable) packages. This comes with xfree 4.1.0. I have added an apt source for the new kde binaries (http://download.kde.org... etc...). I have installed kde 3.1.2 from that apt source. Everything is just fine :) But :) I have installed xfree 4.2.1, but not from Debian mirrors, instead from www.xfree86.org. I have downloaded the new binaries and installed it. Wow it is cool. Faster than the older 4.1.0. Unfortunately the kdm which came from the kde.org's apt source is not running. In the log it says there is some xdcmpwrapper problem. Oh well, I wrote to some of my friends, and they gave me an advice, that I should compile kdm from the kdebase sources to make it work with the new (4.2.1) xfree86. Ok. It took sooo long... :)) But when it finished I could not wait to try it. Yeah it is working. The kdm runs, and I am using 4.2.1 xfree. But you know in every good thing, there is something bad :)
And here comes the real problem:

If I start kde from kdm, I lose my localisation settings in kde. I am using hu_HU in locales. If I start kde from a console with startx, everything is Ok. But when I am starting kde from kdm, the programs that uses the translated .m4 or .po files, or just have some translated files, does not seems to be in hungarian language (ex.: xchat, licq). They are in english. In the kde control center, I can set up kdm to display the kdm buttons and messages (login, shutdown etc...) in hungarian. So that is ok. The problem is when I start kde from the kdm login manager, it seems, that kdm "resets" the localisations, and sets the lang to en, or en_US (or something like that). If I start a konsole from kde, and run this:

echo $LANG
I get "hu_HU".

That is why I can not understand this problem. It seems, that I am using hu_HU locales, but the kde programs, and other (for example Xchat, or Licq) programs doesn't recognise the hu_HU locales, and falls back to english. And this is all because I started kde from the kdm login manager, and not from console with startx.

Is there some extra option which I must add when I configure kdebase to support other languages? Or it is autodetect everything?

Or is there a kdm binary, which is working with 4.2.1 xfree (don't have the Xdcmpwrapper failure), and "acts" like the kde.org's kdm binary (is working with locales :) ?

I hope you understand everything, and can help me. Please write me, if some info is missing, or you need to test something.

Thanks for the answer!

Daniel Levai


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