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Re: Packaging very large i18n material

Following on from this, what about:

KDE already groups languages (well kpersonalizer does ;)) as Eastern Europe, 
Western Europe, Asia, etc... Couldn't we compromise and have language packs 
similarly? ie I want Chinese, so I have to put up with koffice-i18n-asia, 
french koffice-i18n-weu (western europe ;)) 

Not ideal,  but better than having a huge i18n package containing loads of 
languages I don't want...


On Wednesday 11 June 2003 21:06, Mike Mestnik wrote:
> > The question is how to actually package it. All of the available options
> > have clear drawbacks.
> The > options as I see it are as follows.
> > 1) Build a single koffice-i18n binary package.
> > 2) Build 37 different koffice-i18n-lang binary packages (like kde-i18n).
> I would make a compromise from 1 & 2.  Have 10 or 16 binary packages /w 4
> i18n each.  This won't have one big package, but also won't clutter up the
> archive too badly.  Sadly this is a maintainer non-friendly solution.
> Since all packages could have this problem, it would be better for every
> one if there was a standered way of deviding up il8n.  The user would know,
> be told, that his il8n are in *-i18n-af vs *-i18n-gl...
> Seams poor and bad I know, just an idea.
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