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Re: Packaging very large i18n material

Dnia śro 11. czerwca 2003 23:41, David Pye napisał:

> KDE already groups languages (well kpersonalizer does ;)) as Eastern
> Europe, Western Europe, Asia, etc... Couldn't we compromise and have
> language packs similarly? ie I want Chinese, so I have to put up with
> koffice-i18n-asia, french koffice-i18n-weu (western europe ;))

Now when I want to install pl_PL translations I install kde-i18n-pl which 
takes 4.5MiB space on disk. kde-i18n-cee (Central-East Europe) will take 
40-60MiB of space. It's big wast of space, bandwidth and time to fetch 
package like that - it will be installed and then 'localepurge' will remove 
~90% of it's content.

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