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Re: kdeeject - unmouting media patch

Hmm - here's a thought perhaps?

the piece of main page you quoted says:

> ... Eject may not always be able to determine if the device is mounted
> (e.g. if it has several names). If the device name is a symbolic
> link, eject will follow the link and use the device that it points
> to. ...

Could we not work around this?

If I read that right, eject behaves by following the link and trying to umount 
the link destination as a device rather than a mount point if it was passed a 
symbolic link.

Couldn't we make kdeeject simply dereference the symbolic link and call eject 
with the parameter of the link DESTINATION?

So if you tried to eject /mnt/cdrom via kdeeject and it's a symlink to /cdrom, 
couldn't kdeeject run eject /mnt/cdrom?   

Assuming kdeeject works on mount points not devices, then is there a downside 
to this I haven't yet seen? :)


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