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Re: KDE 3.2 CVS - problems

On May 26, 2003 07:16 pm, James Michael Greenhalgh wrote:
> I didn't even realize qsa was still in my repository or listed as a
> package, it was just an experimental thing I was playing around with,
> although I know it's needed for kexi's scripting support.  I will take the
> time to produce a cleaner version that doesn't have the problems that the
> one I had first created did.  I know Ralf Nolden has a copy of beta4 in
> deb, so I'll make an effort at using his sources and building that against
> my debs tonight.

Okay, just a follow-up, the repository[1] now has libqsa1 libqsa-dev and 
qsa-designer in place of just qsa.  Those of you who have any need for it, go 

1. http://opendoorsoftware.com/cgi/http.pl?p=kdecvs;frame=1


James Michael Greenhalgh
open minds providing open source solutions

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