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Re: KDE 3.2 CVS - problems

On May 26, 2003 at 20:53, Ing. Vladimir M. Kerka praised the llamas by saying:
> Hi, James,
> thank you for your great work at KDE 3.2 CVS deb. I installed them last
> night, installation went very smoothly and almost all is very fine.
> There are several problems I cannot handle myself, so can you give me a
> clue?
> From the most important to the lesst:

> 1. Kgpg keeps crashing, I attached file from backtrace

This is to be expected. It is a development version. Have you filed a
bug with upstream? http://bugs.kde.org

> 2. there was no konqueror icon on the kicker, there was written (in pop
> up) /usr/share/applnk/Internet/konqbrowser.desktop is missing - I found
> it in /usr/share/applications and copied to previous mentioned location,
> it seems now is it OK

Kicker needs to be changed. The desktop files sould be in
/usr/share/applications and not in /usr/share/applnk. I should be able
to look into this in the nexr couple of days when I get my development
machine back up and running.

> 3. when I tried to install kdevelop, installation keeps on uninstalling
> gideon - both packages are listed in your repository

This is also to be expected. They are 2 versions of the same software.
They will conflict with each other. Use gideon over kdevelop and file
bugs with upstream if you find any.

> 4. I cannot install package qsa, which is also listed in your
> repository.

why is this? what was the problem?

> Thank you once more for your packages, I am really happy with the new
> KDE.

Thank you for your bug reports.

David Pashley

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