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Cut and paste in konquerer is weird

Using debian/sid. Once used karolinas kde but I purged all those packages (as 
far as I know) and now I use pure sid packages.

In my konquerer and it seems in most apps in my kde, cut (, copy) and paste 
doesn't work. Or should I say it doesn't work as it is supposed.

The problem is that as far as I can see the stuff I mark and copy is put on 
klipper, however pasting the stuff into konqueror, either into a form field 
on a web page or into the address line creates almost random results.

Mostly it doesn't work, nothing happens at all when you press ctrl+v.

Most of the rest of the time, something completely random gets pasted in 
instead of what was copied to klipper. In fact it seems that many times the 
entire paragraph that the cursor is floating over will be pasted in instead 
of the copied selection.

If I klik on the klipper toolbar icon and select the topmost item, which is 
what was really selected, and which is actually already selected, then if I 
try to copy it once again it mostly works fine.

Should I delete my entire .kde folder and start again from scratch? Should I 
format c: (or just rm -rf /) and reinstall debian?

Or what? :)

Anders E. Andersen

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