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Re: New KDE's QT-3.1.2 && Sarge's gcc 3.2.3-0pre9 binary incompat?

On Tue, May 20, 2003 at 08:43:52PM +0100, David Pye wrote:
> You'll be alright with C stuff - IIRC It's C++ stuff that breaks.
> It doesn't matter with the kernel etc, just make sure you compile all C++ 
> stuff with gcc 2.95 series... :) You can mix and match compilers in some 
> cases. So there's probably no point recompiling your kernel with 2.95 IMHO.
Actually it is, I'm using shfs and it requires compiling the kernel
module with the same version of gcc as compiled the kernel itself.
Plus compiling nvidia driver. But that's ok with me as I recompile
my kernels quite frequently. Thx for the info about C vs. C++!!


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