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Re: New KDE's QT-3.1.2 && Sarge's gcc 3.2.3-0pre9 binary incompat?

On Tuesday 20 May 2003 19:37, Dave Lister wrote:

> The problem is that any qt-based app I try to _compile_ now fails to get
> linked, because of "undefined references", apparently the ones to
> exports in libqt-mt.
> My guess is that gcc 3.2 is somehow "binary incompatible" with older
> 2.9x and thus, linker fails to resolve all symbols in the 2.9x-compiled
> libqt-mt.so.3.1.2.

*EXACTLY*!  This is the big gotcha, and caused a lot of pain during the 
compiler transition in sid. One day, this will propagate down to Sarge, and 
we'll relive it again ;)

> First question:
>   Is it possible? If not, what could be the reason?
> Second question:
>   Is there any other way than downgrading gcc back to Woody's 2.9x or
>   compiling the whole QT from sources (as I did in the days of unstable
>   3.1)?

Well, you *could* use gcc-2.95 to compile things IF you want to do it 
successfully... I'm on a sarge system here, and doing likewise! Otherwise, 
you'll have to use KDE3 from SID (Which unless you're on SID isn't a good 



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