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New KDE's QT-3.1.2 && Sarge's gcc 3.2.3-0pre9 binary incompat?

Hi there, I've just subscribed to this list - feel free to spank me if
I'm too BFUish ;)

I've installed new KDE 3.1.2 core libraries (from kde.org) on my SARGE.
It was a bit tricky as KDE's Arts is "only" 1.1.2-0 and Sarge's is
1.1.2-1. I've solved this manully and installed WOODY's libvorbis0 to
allow KDE's Arts slip in without further dependency problems. So far so
good. Now, I have new KDE's Arts, core and QT 3.1.2 libraries and
devel headers.

I'm using new gcc 3.2.3-0pre9, _not_ Woody's 2.9x, which was used to
compile all KDE's binary packages. Everyting seems to work all right,
new KDE apps and even my compiled-before-upgrade /usr/local/bin QT apps.

The problem is that any qt-based app I try to _compile_ now fails to get
linked, because of "undefined references", apparently the ones to
exports in libqt-mt.

My guess is that gcc 3.2 is somehow "binary incompatible" with older
2.9x and thus, linker fails to resolve all symbols in the 2.9x-compiled

First question: 
  Is it possible? If not, what could be the reason?
Second question: 
  Is there any other way than downgrading gcc back to Woody's 2.9x or
  compiling the whole QT from sources (as I did in the days of unstable

Thank you for ANY comments or hints.
Dave Lister

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