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Re: kreatecd for kde3

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On Sunday 06 April 2003 13:59, Christophe Prud'homme wrote:
> [ Sunday 06 April 2003 06:15 am ]
> | I can't seem to find any kreatecd debian packages for kde3.  am I just
> | overlooking something?
> I am the maintainer for kreatecd however I did not packaged kreatecd for
> kde3 kreatecd is part of kdeextragear-1 now so I thought it would come with
> it
> what is the procedure/policy for kde 2.x apps that have been moved to kde
> CVS and that are packaged with the other new ones? should the former app --
> like kreatecd --- be orphaned by me or should I still package kreatecd
> myself? are there any documents/emails out there mentioning that ?

You need to contact the necessary people who are maintaining kcreatecd in 
kdeextragear-1. They will make releases of single apps including their 
translations (like k3b), then you can package that version.

> I packageed also korinoco which has been become obsolete for kde3 it is now
> kwifi and present in kde CVS

It's in HEAD only, so you need to package it still for KDE 3.1. It will 
*become* part of KDE 3.2 but that is still half a year down the road.

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