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PATH variable and lock screen

Hello all,
I am having  two strange problem here.
I am using KDE 3.1 on Debian 3.0.r1 and Windowmaker 0.80.0-4.1.

1-> I have to .bash_profile these paths PATH=/sbin:/usr/sbin:${PATH}
and when I login to console I have my paths but when I use KDE and run env from xterm,konsole
i get only the default paths from /etc/profile

pparisis@:~$ env|grep PATH

Any ideas why is this happening?

2-> When I lock the screen, I have set password, when I move the mouse or press any key
in order  to unlock the screen then I can not see the  window which prompt for entering password.
I just type the password without seeing the window!!!
I also noticed that when the screensaver running,Matrix, it does not cover the dock apps.
Becuase I don't have this problem when I don't use wmaker, I double check that I have enabled KDE support in wmaker confs.

Any ideas?


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