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Re: Ralf's X backport compiled with the wrong g++

* Adrian Bunk <bunk@fs.tum.de> wrote:
>> well, considering that woody's default compiler is gcc 2.95 I don't see a
>> reason to compile it with gcc-3.2. That would basically mean that I would
>> need to do a woody transition to gcc-3.2 completely and there's no way I'm
>> going to do that :-)
> the correct way is to do a reverse g++ transition, IOW: compile with
> 2.95, postfix the package names with a -gcc2.95 or a c0 (or whatever
> else you like) and let your library packages conflict with the g++ 3.2
> compiled library packages in unstable.

The same should then be done with various gnome backports: I got a
couple of -c102 packages, when installing gnome2.2 from 


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