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Re: Languages on the list (Was: qt3 selbst compilieren)

> However, if somebody joins the list and asks a question in whatever
> language other than English I'm led to believe that this somebody might
> have difficulties to state the question in English or to understand answers
> in English. So, should we not help him?

Yes, of course. Maybe a short summary in English would be a good idea in those 
cases, though?

> P.S.: I would really like to know what "tästä lähtien kirjoittaa kaikki
> viestini Suomeksi, ja sitten onkin ihan turha etsiä apua Altavistan
> käännöspalvelusta!" means ;-)

It's approximately: "start writing all my messages in Finnish from now on and 
you're welcome to try Altavista's translation service on THEM!"

- Jarno

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